Sunday, March 21, 2010



Marcotting is a traditional method of propagating plants. The stem or branch
induced to root while still attached to the plant, so that after removing
the rooted branch, the other portions of the branch can still be used for
other purposes. Marcotting is easy and success is high. The additional
labour and materials needed are compensated by the high rate of survival.

Materials used in marcotting
• Peat
• Worm Castings
• Sharp Knife
• Cellophane Bag
• Twine
• Willow rooting hormone

Steps in Marcotting
1. Select branches that are young with good branching habit.
2. Fill a transparent film (plastic or cellophane) with rooting medium, Worm
castings and Peat at the basal portion of the branch. Wrap tightly the
plastic film around the branch and tie with twine at the lower and upper
portions to avoid spillage of the rooting medium and water.
Separation of marcots
Separate the rooted marcots from the branch two months after
marcotting using a sharp scissors. Be careful not to disturb the new roots
or dismantle
the ball.
Care of marcots in the nursery
1. Immediately plant the rooted Branches individually in a 7 in. x 7 in. x
11 in.
Polyethylene bags containing soil medium.

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